CenturyLink SAP Solutions Powered by VMware

CenturyLink, founded in the 1930s, has long been a leader in the telecommunications industry. Today, CenturyLink is helping customers manage SAP business applications, essential digital tools in managing business operations. But running these applications can be time consuming when they’re not on a compatible platform. CenturyLink uses a VMware-based cloud platform to make data migration more efficient and economical for businesses scaling their infrastructure.

How CenturyLink Scales SAP Applications

CenturyLink helps IT professionals transfer their SAP business applications from legacy systems to virtualized environments in the cloud with VMware technology. This cloud technology advancement provides tailored private cloud for SAP applications in less than 28 days. By using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) powered by VMware, CenturyLink can deliver stable SAP capabilities to their customers.

How Does IaaS Help?

An IaaS solution powered by a certified host like VMware helps CenturyLink customers in the following ways:

  • Installs applications in minutes
  • Reduces OPEx and CAPEx costs
  • High conversion fault tolerance
  • Migrates data in real-time without downtime experience

CenturyLink’s IaaS solution contains data security, storage, networking and computer resources. Using VMware’s IaaS solution, CenturyLink can power its SAP solutions, including SAP HANA, and help their customers convert applications to the cloud.

How Does VMware Power SAP HANA?

CenturyLink is a strategic VMware cloud provider partner with a global footprint. Because CenturyLink works on a VMware SAP-certified infrastructure, the company is able to manage a multitude of SAP applications, including SAP HANA.

CenturyLink’s SAP HANA is a database management system that helps users to store, save and recover data. This type of application would normally require four specially designed 10Gb separate networks. With VMware-powered SAP HANA, applications can enjoy up to 4TB of memory straight from the hypervisor, with 6TB storage in the works. VMware’s hypervisor is the only hypervisor able to support SAP HANA.

SAP HANA offers CenturyLink customers a way to store, manage and deploy company data in real-time on a reliable infrastructure. “Speed is never an issue with a VMware virtualized SAP HANA system,” says Marshal Whatley, a Senior Director of Product Management at CenturyLink.

Working in the cloud simplifies business operations. CenturyLink works to help their customers accomplish this through VMware technology. Learn more by reading this case study here.

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