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When it comes to providing the right service at the right time through the right cloud architecture, vCloud Air Network Service Providers have options. Lots of them. But they all filter through three major elements that serve as the foundation for vCloud Air: our Hybrid-enabled environments, our core service provider platforms and, finally, our vCloud Air Network Service Portfolio. Knowing how each element can interact with one-another can help any service provider craft the perfect cloud platform to suit any business needs.

vCloud Air’s three elements make for a lot of opportunities. Through VMware’s true hybrid cloud environments, they can leverage platforms, like managed hosting, dedicated private cloud, public cloud and digital workspace platform, to deliver the right service. And there are a lot of service offerings out there. In fact, there are more than 50 VMware-powered services vCloud Air Network Service Providers can take advantage of.

To give you a better picture of the power of the cloud, as well as a better understanding of the breadth of vCloud Air’s potential, we’ve put together a map of vCloud Air Network’s portfolio and platforms. It covers everything from VMware’s four core service provider platforms to a wide-range of hosted services for partners to take advantage of.

vCAT Poster

vCloud Air Network service providers have nearly limitless combinations they can make to offer a better service to their clients. Start plotting your journey today!

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