Updated for vSphere 6 – SAP on VMware Best Practices guide

SAP production support for vSphere 6 was available from the latter half of last year – see http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-27384 . The best practices guide has been updated with the latest vSphere 6 information to help you with virtualizing SAP. Some of the new content includes:

  • Estimating SAPS of virtual machines and how this is aligned with ESXi scheduling behavior.
  • Updated analysis of high availability options for SAP in the virtual environment. This includes the use of VMware Fault Tolerance for SAP Central Services installed in a multi-vCPU virtual machine.
  • A section where all the best practices are summarized and categorized by different topics (CPU, memory, high availability etc.). For those already familiar with the vSphere concepts and use cases just skip to this section.

Certain topics like HANA and Business Objects have separate papers dedicated to them – these are referenced and the content is not repeated in this document.

The paper is available for download here.