Virtualizing Oracle 11gr2 RAC Databases on vSphere 5

Oracle DBAs considering to virtualize Oracle 11gr2 RAC should check out VMware vSphere 5 platform – VMware® vSphere® is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. It enables users to run business-critical applications like Oracle with confidence and respond to business needs faster by taking advantage on the application and Infrastructure services that vSphere 5 provides.

As you all know, Oracle now provides support (Oracle MySupport ID: 249212.1 – RAC support added as of Nov 8, 2010) for Oracle 11gr2 RAC on VMware. VMware vSphere® 5.0 can handle the intensive workloads of business-critical applications – Let us discuss on a workload characterization study that was conducted on a four node Oracle 11g R2 RAC using VMware vSphere 5 with Cisco UCS servers and EMC VNX5500 Unified storage. See below the architecture that describes and demonstrates how the Oracle RAC deployment can sustain a heavy OLTP load without any degradation to transaction performance.

Below table describes the various components involved in this workload study.

Let us see below the few test result highlights described in this workload characterization study:


For more detailed read, check out the Oracle Databases on VMware vSphere® 5 – RAC Workload Characterization Study click on the image below

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