Fedora Remix “Lucky13” featuring mintMenu

Fedora 13 remix Lucky 13 featuring mintMenu

Fedora 13 remix "Lucky 13" featuring mintMenu

A few months ago, I talked about mintMenu being ported to Fedora. I was excited to see it happen. Using technologies such as Git and GitHub.com we can easily fork projects and keep track of the improvements and bug fixes done on each fork. Commits can be selectively applied and so the more our technologies are forked, the more momentum they get, the more communities provide feedback and ideas for them, and the faster they improve.

Fedora is a quality distribution, with a solid base and a great community and it’s nice to see our desktop innovations being ported to it. It’s something I was personally interested in doing but that doesn’t fit in the scope of our project. I was contacted by Valent Turkovic about a new Fedora 13 remix, “Lucky 13”, featuring mintMenu and I thought that deserved to be mentioned in the blog.

Link: http://fcoremix.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/lucky-13/