The Mint Newsletter – issue 95

* News about Mint

Preparations for the next version of Mint, Helena, is going on

Miscellaneous news from Mint

Windows license refund donated to Mint

Linux Mint 7 User Guide updated to version 1.0.7

A new website has been launched for Dutch speaking minters

* News about Linux

Google Summer of Code has again been a huge success for KDE this year.

The cost to develop KDE would be about US $ 175 million

Ubuntu to store copies of all users’ address books

Pulse Audio developer angry with Ubuntu for the way Ubuntu implements Pulse audio

Gentoo celebrates 10 years with a live DVD

Novell creates the openSUSE Boosters team

Stallman and de Icaza quarrel (again….)

Debian pushes development of kFreeBSD port

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

OpenSSH celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary with the release of version 5.3
The London Stock Exchange will switch to a Linux-based platform trading system, but it’s not because of a love of open source.

* News about IT

EU and Microsoft reach anti-trust agreement

Comedy Is an Uninvited Guest at Microsoft’s ‘House Party’ (for Windows 7)

The “porn industry” behind Google’s temporary removal of Pirate Bay? Seems plausible …..

Informed P2P User Act (in the US) to clamp down on filesharing software

Music piracy costs money; does fighting it cost more?

OPERATION PHISH PHRY Major Cyber Fraud Takedown

Microsoft and Red Hat announce the certification of their operating systems, on each other virtualization platforms

Facebook Now Has 30,000 Servers

* Hardware news

Dell releases world’s first Moblin netbook

DRAM study turns assumptions about errors upside down

World’s Smallest Linux Networking Server

* Other news

EGNOS ‘Open Service’ available – provides better precision in satellite navigation in Europe

The Nobel prize for physics in 2009 was awarded for things now in daily use in IT – fibre optics and CCD – the base for the digital camera

* Comic of the week

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