Mint 7 RC1 review: Too Much Green


So that was fast… the very same day of its release, Mint 7 Gloria RC1 gets reviewed. You’d almost think the ISO was leaked or something (#cough#). The name of the reviewing website is interesting as well: “Too Much Green”. The author is Rich Bosomworth and his review is available here:

Happy reading everyone.


Rich said “It also boasts a full range of ready to roll Wi-Fi drivers to get you connected from the word go.

–> While this is true, it’s not really worth mentioning anymore. Back in the times when mintWifi was designed, this was a significant innovation compared to Ubuntu. A lot of efforts were made upstream though and whether it’s by Canonical or the kernel team, the difference between Mint and Ubuntu isn’t that big when it comes to hardware support anymore. Ndiswrapper is installed by default and so is ndisgtk, and these are the two most significant differences when it comes to Wifi.

Rich said “[…] it was a shame not to see a Twitter client

–> What do people think? I was under the impression that most Twitter readers were either using the site or an RSS reader. If you think a Twitter reader is a must on the desktop then please speak up in the comment section. I definitely don’t want to clutter the list of featured apps in mintInstall, but I’m happy to add things if they’re missing. Let me know.

Rich said “Mint also comes with something called ‘Pulse Audio‘. Basically this is a ’sound/audio’ server package with streaming support for Airtunes, however as I haven’t used it myself I can’t really comment in any depth

–> PulseAudio is probably one of the most under-estimated innovations of these past few years. It’s a complete sound server and I could go on all day about why it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll definitely try to post about this in the future. If mintCast is interested, it would be interesting for them to address the topic.

Rich said “in fact for home use I honestly don’t think it can be beaten, this new version rocks.

–> If it’s not beaten by another distribution, it will be by Mint 8. I don’t give it more than 6 months 🙂

Many thanks to the reviewer for such a quick response and for his feedback. The comment section is open for your feedback and I’m personally interested to know your thoughts on what’s missing in the list of featured applications.