Weekly Newsletter – Issue 55

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint

KDE CE RC1 Delayed This has been (mainly) because of a problem with localization – downloaded languages did not install. Even with a DVD sized ISO we can’t have all language packs in the ISO – bandwidth comes with a prize.

We get an increasing amount of spam in the forum (we are popular :)) but it’s becoming quite a nuisance….

* News about Linux

KDE 4.1 released

Google Gadgets for Linux

RealPlayer update fixes critical security holes which are for Linux as well

Launchpad to become open source in the next 12 months

Shuttleworth challenges open source to out-pretty Apple

Intel mobile Linux stack dumps Ubuntu

* News about IT

Microsoft donates cash to Apache

Speculation over back door in Skype

Google hits a milestone: found 1 trillion (as in 1,000,000,000,000) unique URLs on the web at once!

The dark side of the internet is growing. An infested site discovered  every 5 seconds

Here’s someone leaving the dark side (MS developer goes to open source)

* Hardware news

Some nvidia mobile GPUs are flawed Dell releases BIOS update to alleviate. I think we may have a few people in the forum with this problem. It’s Geforce 8400M and 8600M that are affected.

D-Wave’s Orion: The First Commercial Quantum Computer?

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