LFCS – Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

With every type of Operating System (OS), there needs to be security in place. With CentOS or Ubuntu, there is the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM). The files allow you to configure security as you need

On Neutrality, OSPOs, and an Update on the Linux Foundation’s Best Practices Communities in 2021

The Importance of Neutrality Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) at our member organizations recognize the importance of neutral governance in the projects they choose to take a dependency on for themselves. They also recognize the

OpenJS Foundation End-of-Year Update

The global pandemic brought the OpenJS Foundation closer to the end-users and contributors of its hosted JavaScript projects. With more than 97 percent of the world’s websites using JavaScript, it is the foundation for online

Going Beyond Source Code in 2021‭: ‬Joint Development Foundation and Open Standards Efforts

In 2019, the Linux Foundation added the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) to its family of project communities to build upon its existing body of specification work. The addition of JDF to the Linux Foundation brought

Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

Quite a few people go through their life with a PC. They are content to use Linux or Windows but have never seen MacOS. Some people may have a desire to see and use MacOS

In 2021, The Linux Foundation Became a Trusted Resource for Public Health and Industry Partners‭, and OpenTreatments Tackled Rare Diseases‬

Linux Foundation Public Health is Still Making Strides in 2021 Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) hosts, supports and nurtures open source technology to benefit public health initiatives. Since its founding a little over a year

The Linux Foundation Meets Its Biggest Challenge Yet: Saving the Planet

The transition from centralized fossil-fuel generation to renewable and distributed energy resources will mark the most significant reimagining of power systems in over 140 years, and it will fundamentally transform our economies. Approximately 75% of

In Case You Missed It: State of the Open Mainframe 2021

Authors: John Mertic, Maemalynn Meanor, Jason Perlow The mainframe is a foundational technology that has powered industries for decades, including government, financial, healthcare, and transportation. With the help of surrounding communities, the technologies built around

In Case You Missed It: Zephyr LTS V2 Release

Author: Chris Friedt, Sofware Release Manager, Zephyr Project Here we are – 2 ½ years since the release of Zephyr Long Term Support (LTS) V1. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Linux

LFCS – Managing Groups

The previous article covered Managing Users. Administrators need to be able to not only manage new and existing users, but also the Groups that the users can belong to on a system. Keep in mind

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