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Monthly News – March 2021

Many thanks to all our donors, sponsors and partners and all the people who are involved in helping our project and our community. UsrMerge Last month we announced problems were found in relation to UsrMerge.

Visual Studio Code March 2021

Downloads: Windows: User System ARM | Mac: Universal 64 bit Arm64 | Linux: snap deb rpm tarball ARM Welcome to the March 2021 release of Visual Studio Code. There are a number of updates in

Create Your Own Linux Installation

Some of you may want to have an installation media for installing Linux to multiple systems. Sometimes though, the pre-loaded apps may not be your favorite ones to use. In a business environment, you may

Visual Studio Code February 2021

Update 1.54.1: The update addresses an issue with an extension dependency. Downloads: Windows: User System ARM | Mac: Universal 64 bit Arm64 | Linux: snap deb rpm tarball ARM Welcome to the February 2021 release

Monthly News – February 2021

Thank you for your donations and for your support. Applying Updates An announcement was made last week to explain why security updates are important and to remind people to update their computer. If you haven’t

LFCS – SELinux

In a previous article, LFCS – How to Recover ROOT Password, I covered some basics on SELinux. In this article, I will cover a little more about SELinux. SELinux is a way to use Access

Update your computer!

TLDR Security updates are very important Stats tell us they’re not being applied by all users Apply updates right now! Don’t run an EOL version of Linux Mint Security updates Updating is important Security updates

Visual Studio Code extension bisect utility

February 16, 2021 by Johannes Rieken, @johannesrieken “Just like git-bisect, but for VS Code extensions.” The true power of Visual Studio Code is its extensions: theme extensions add colors and icons, language extensions enable smart

Monthly News – January 2021

Many thanks for your support. Just like in previous years, whether it’s linked to our release schedule or the holiday season, we received many donations this December. Thank you for your help, it’s greatly appreciated!

Why Product Packaging is an Important Part of Branding

Clearly, product packaging is an important part of branding, and overlooking it will only cause you to lose customers. Let us have a closer look at why product packaging is essential when it comes to