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vMotioning Monster SQL VMs? Swim in Streams

vMotion (the magical ability to manually or automatically teleport a running, Production VM from one ESXi Host (or DataCenter) to another, ideally without interrupting operations and without the Guest OS, its Applications and Processes and

4 Things to consider when creating Video Content for your Brand

Budget Video production can be expensive. If you are looking to make well-polished high-quality videos say for television or websites, then you have to make a considerable investment. The results can be stupendous. If you

Consistent Workload Performance for Enterprise Apps in VMware Multi-Cloud

By Bob Goldsand, Oleg Ulyanov, and Todd Muirhead VMware’s Any Device, Any Application, Any Cloud vision is a winning strategy and resonates well with our customers. The vSphere cloud platform enables our customers to unify

vRealize Operations High Availability Metering with vCloud Usage Meter 4.X

While using vCloud Usage Meter as a service provider, you may face a situation when the metering of a VMware product that you use differs from what you have anticipated. One such case could be

Announcing Limited Extension of VMware vSphere 6.5 General Support Period

By — Paul Turner, VP Product Management, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware This month marks a full year that many businesses transitioned to a work from home model with the onset of the global pandemic.

Feature Friday Episode 40 – What’s new in Object Storage Extension 2.0?

As you know each week we will release a new video covering a different topic in more depth. The content will be mostly technical but will also cover services that are feasible with the features.

NSX V to T Migration for Cloud Provider Partners

NSX for vSphere is scheduled for end of general support (EOGS) in January 2022. VMware Cloud Providers should already be migrating or have migrations plans in place for their tenants to deploy NSX-T environments. This

Workload Migration for Cloud Providers- Part 2

Last time we were talking about the most common Migration strategies for Cloud Providers (Repurchasing, Rehosting, and Relocating), and migration types (Hot, Warm and Cold). Take a look here: Today I would like to focus on migration phases,

Leveraging Live Streaming to Boost Your Marketing

You may be wondering what exactly you can live stream as part of your marketing campaign. There are plenty of ways in which you can engage prospects through live videos. Here are the top 7:

Upgrading VMware Cloud Director Availability

Keeping VMware Cloud Director Availability up-to-date with its most recent version (4.1) offers a significant amount of benefits for Cloud providers and their tenants. It extends the product compatibility with other VMware tools by supporting