Introducing the Highly Anticipated Release: Automatic CDN Service from AccelerateWP

Automatic CDN Service from AccelerateWP

We are thrilled to announce the release of AccelerateWP’s highly anticipated CDN service, designed exclusively for hosting providers and their WordPress users.


Table of contents

1. Free up to 1 GB for all your WordPress customers with option to upsell beyond that. Top-Speed and No DNS Configuration Required – Lightning-Fast, Automated Speed Boosts with CDN SmartAdvice.

2. No advanced configuration required. Why automation is so important.

3. Fastest CDN on the market.

4. No third-party plugins. All in one place.

5. Pricing and plans

6. How to enable

We are thrilled to announce the release of AccelerateWP’s highly anticipated CDN service, designed exclusively for hosting providers and their WordPress users.

In this post, we will delve into the benefits and functionality of AccelerateWP’s CDN service, showcasing how it simplifies the process of accelerating your customers’ WordPress websites while unlocking even more revenue opportunities for you. Activate the CDN feature for websites on you CloudLinux OS servers now and explore the key advantages awaiting you.

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No advanced configuration required. Why automation is so important.

Ability to rapidly and reliably provision and configure CDN servers unlock a seamless and error-free deployment process. By embracing automation, hosting providers can efficiently offer advanced CDN solutions with no actions or decisions required from the hosting user apart from the decision to activate it. This significantly reduces frustration for hosting customers and support costs for hosting providers. This streamlined approach not only expedites deployment but it also mitigates common human errors that often arise in manual setup, including the potential for misconfigured DNS settings, SSL certificates, and caching rules.

AccelerateWP offers a seamless CDN integration for your server infrastructure, automated deployment for your customers and all but eliminates technical support questions related to CDN configuration.

The result is a highly optimized content delivery network that enhances performance, reliability, and overall user experience with zero fuss.


Fastest CDN on the market.

Fastest CDN

Speed is a crucial factor for CDN (Content Delivery Network) services due to its impact on website performance and user experience. AccelerateWP is powered by the #1 CDN service according to CDNPREF RANK, which offers the highest Real-User Monitoring (RUM) uptime on the market, reaching 99.3%. Hosting providers can benefit from this constantly expanding network, spanning across 6 continents and over 70 countries, to deliver an optimal experience to their site visitors.



No third-party plugins. All in one place.

When it comes to purchasing optimization services and tools for WordPress websites, it is crucial to offer optimization within your WordPress hosting plan, eliminating the need for customers to accumulate third-party plugins. AccelerateWP ensures a seamless integration of all necessary tools in a single platform, guaranteeing compatibility with your infrastructure and minimizing conflicts and compatibility issues. Streamlined management through WHMCS is a priority for hosting providers aiming to reduce support costs, increase revenue, and provide fast websites and satisfied customers. What sets AccelerateWP’s CDN services apart is its seamless provision of automatic CDN advice directly to your customers. As a hosting provider, all you need to do is enable it and set up billing integration via WHMCS. This effortless process ensures that your customers benefit from CDN services without any hassle or additional configuration on their end.


Pricing and plans

To ensure the protection of your retail price flexibility, we are not announcing our pricing structure publicly. Please log in to your account to view pricing for CDN plans.

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Please watch short video to lean how CDN works for both server and website admins.


How to enable

  1. This feature is currently rolling out in our standard release process. If you wish to enable this feature on your server early, you can update CloudLinux OS to the latest stable version with the following command:
    yum update accelerate-wp cloudlinux-awp-plugin cloudlinux-site-optimization-module alt-php-xray alt-php-ssa --enablerepo=cloudlinux-rollout-8-bypass

  2. Enable the feature via CLI using this command:
    cloudlinux-awp-admin set-suite --suites accelerate_wp_cdn --allowed-for-all && cloudlinux-awp-admin set-suite --suites accelerate_wp_cdn_pro --visible-for-all

Enable via CloudLinux Manager (see below)

Enable via CloudLinux Manager