VMware Cloud Provider Hub now supports our Partner of Record Partners

We at VMware are excited to launch support for Partner of Record (PoR) partners in VMware Cloud Provider HubTM for VMware Cloud on AWS service (VMC).

VMware announced the VMCloud on AWS Cloud Activation Incentive Program in Feb 2020.

It rewards you for driving credit redemption of Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) funds for VMC. Partners on Record are approved by each customer organization. Once approved, you will receive a percentage of the MSRP value of the SPP credits redeemed by the customers.

Cloud Provider Hub (CPH) helps you manage the credit redemption by arming with information and insights into customer’s credit funds, redemptions and usage. It empowers the partner to help customers avoid losing credits, optimally avail their credits, and optimize subscription based on usage patterns. It provides the partner an estimate of incentive earnings, and helps them plan for maximizing them and become their trusted advisor.

CPH was available for Managed Service Providers for Service Lifecycle Management and customer lifecycle management. A new version is now extended to PoR partners.

In this blog, I illustrate some key use cases.

Use Case 1


Let us say customer Exxon, as shown below, has a huge credit fund balance and also a history of expired credits.

How CPH helps:

CPH provides you the balance credits at any point in time (in USD). It also provides the details of the funds expiring soon. This promotes timely redemption and improved use of service.

Customers benefit by avoiding loss of their credits and using the VMC for their workloads.

Partners benefit by earning incentives on the redeemed funds and becoming a trusted customer advisor.

The VMware ecosystem benefits by increased hybrid cloud adoption.

Use Case 2

Let’s say a customer Mayo Clinic has overages and increasing demand due to COVID-19. IT had planned spend but found themselves buying on-demand hours under increased service demand.

How CPH helps:

CPH provides you the overages for Mayo Clinic. Now comparing the usages for the same period across hosts provides insights into which type of hosts have an increasing demand.

Customers can buy more SPP credit funds to cover their overage costs . In addition they can buy more term commitments using these funds for the hosts with constant on demand. They get to acquire their services at a far lower cost.

Partners can advise their customers on optimizing the spend, helping them in this case reduce customer expenditure, while still increasing their own incentives.

VMware ecosystem monetizes VMware SDDC stack in the public cloud.

I invite you to log in and discover the features of the first release of the system. Become a PoR partner, earn incentives, and protect, engage and grow your customer base.

If you have any questions please feel free to send  an email to partnerconnect@vmware.com or reach me at sshankar@vmware.com.


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