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If you’re a Cloud Provider, enabling your customers with seamless container-deployment and operations is quite likely on your list of priorities. VMware, known for its focus on and partnership with the cloud provider community, has turbo-charged VMware vCloud Director with a host of new container services capabilities.

vCloud Director now supports Enterprise PKS

VMware vCloud Director now ships with new container-middleware—called Container Services Extension (CSE) 2.0—that allows cloud providers to enable their customers to rapidly deploy, orchestrate, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all on the intuitive and customizable vCD UI. With CSE 2.0, vCloud Director now supports both VMware Enterprise PKS and native upstream Kubernetes.

Extend the Leading Cloud Service Delivery Platform with New Container Services

With core cloud provider capabilities such as multi-tenancy and management of geographically distributed cloud estates, vCloud Director allows cloud providers to seamlessly deliver differentiated services—such as cloud migration, data protection, hybrid connectivity, and now—turnkey container services. For the first time, Kubernetes clusters can be deployed in a multi-tenant modality in self-contained VMs across a distributed vSphere estate.

What are the benefits of deploying Kubernetes clusters through vCloud Director?

At VMware, we recognize that IT teams are becoming increasingly DevOps-led. The need to deploy applications and services faster has driven sweeping automation in the infrastructure stack. Kubernetes, although a fantastic tool for orchestrating dozens of microservices, still needs expertise and effort when it comes to scheduling, network configuration, and updates.

VMware has worked closely with cloud providers to not only enable customers with an enterprise-ready managed Kubernetes stack, but also make it available within familiar virtual datacenter constructs that customers love about their cloud providers.

To achieve this, VMware has empowered cloud providers with enterprise-grade production support, enhanced cluster and tenant isolation, high availability, and self-healing capabilities on their Enterprise PKS environment within vCloud Director. Most importantly, Enterprise PKS allows cloud providers to extend their managed services  beyond IaaS and offer application management services in multi-cloud environments. We are working hard to make cloud providers even more capable in managing multi-cloud infrastructure, operations, and applications.

How do I access to vCloud Director’s Container Service capabilities?

Multi-tenant native Kubernetes orchestration and deployment capabilities are available without charge on vCloud Director 9.5 and 9.7. Cloud providers can subscribe to and manage Enterprise PKS through the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP), just like the rest of their VMware subscriptions.

If you’re a Cloud Provider looking to take your cloud services to the next level, you *need* to check out vCloud Director! Be sure to check out our WIRE enablement platform to watch training videos on the latest product material, demos and education.

And if you’re an enterprise customer exploring ways to containerize your applications without the complexity of deployment and orchestration of the K8S stack, VMware has over 4,000+ cloud provider partners to help you out. Find the right partner for you!

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Visit GitHub to find the vCloud Director Container Services Extension Git and to learn more about the Enterprise PKS integration with vCloud Director.

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