Case Study: Monetizing Multi-tenant Cloud with VMware vCloud Availability DR Services

Digital West expands its business with new cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery (DR) services powered by VMware vCloud Availability. Digital West is the result of several companies coming together to provide larger SMBs and small enterprise customers with data, voice and managed services. Today, its data and voice customers benefit from private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud services. As a VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) partner, 100% of Digital West’s cloud offering is backed by VMware technology, including vCloud Director, vSphere and NSX.

Rising Demand for Backup and Recovery Services

Customers were increasingly looking to Digital West for backup and recovery services. Providing a DR solution seemed like a natural step to add additional value to their powerful customer relationships. While Digital West used its data centers to offer DR for customers who had their own on-premises servers or other servers outside of its realm of management, cloud-to-cloud DR wasn’t an available service. Not only was Digital West leaving money on the table, it also meant that the company wasn’t meeting a critical customer need.

Key challenges included:

  • Provide a cloud-based DR solution that is easy to deploy and cost effective
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Support service level agreements, including aggressive RTOs
  • Simplify DR testing
  • Seamless failback and failover to the cloud

New Cloud-to-Cloud DR Powered by VMware

Digital West deployed VMware vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud disaster recovery to failover and move workloads back and forth between its Denver and San Luis Obispo data centers. The scalable DR solution leverages Digital West’s existing VMware investment and its team’s familiarity with VMware solutions.

Key benefits included:

  • Simplifies fail over from one cloud to another
  • Scalable performance for concurrent replications in multi-tenant environment
  • Eases deployment and management with seamless vCloud Director integration
  • Tenant self-service protection, failover, and failback workflows per virtual machine (VM)/vAPP
  • Frees up engineering resources to focus on innovation
  • Leverages existing skills and familiarity with VMware solutions

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