Trial Mode for VMware Usage Insight

VMware Usage Insight  

VMware Usage MeterWith VMware Usage Insight, Cloud Providers have an opportunity to automate monthly end-user reporting into the VMware Cloud Provider Business Portal. This is especially beneficial for Providers who leverage multiple VMware Usage Meters. Not only does VMware Usage Insight provide a single pane of glass reported by each VMware Usage Meter, but it also provides and aggregated view of the consumption. Providers maintain full control of the data being submitted. An additional benefit to VMware Usage Insight is access to historical data. Providers will have the ability to view historical consumption data for up to three years.  

As Providers migrate from manual to automated processes, there is always a concern. How to ensure the correct data is being submitted. Is there a way to try the service before making the leap? The answer is yes!   

Trial Mode  

In the latest release of VMware Usage Insight, there is a new feature: Trial ModeTrial Mode allows VMware Usage Insight to collect and aggregate data, but not report the data to the business portal. This is a global feature and impacts all data being collected. Information from individual VMware Usage Meters, as well as aggregated data, can be downloaded. Final consumption data will have to be submitted manually. Once a user is satisfied that the data being reported by VMware Usage Insight is correct, Trial Mode can be turned off to automatically start reporting.

VMware Usage Insight

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