vSAN in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud environments, less is often more. For example, less complexity in your networks can lead to more productivity. Similarly, less legacy hardware means better efficiency. With VMware vSAN, Cloud Providers can get truly get more out of less.

VMware vSAN simplifies cloud IT while reducing costs on hardware and resources by providing agile and scalable storgae — and it does so in as little as seven days.

The benefits of deploying VMware vSAN are numerous – reduced IT tickets, simplified management, fast disaster recovery and burst capacity for overflow needs. Cloud Providers now have the freedom to grow cloud storage on a software-defined foundation, without long-term investments and depreciating assets.

What’s more, VMware vSAN can seamlessly blend security and analytics with VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Operations, giving you granular insight into your Cloud. Check out more resources at cloudsolutions.vmware.com!

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