vCloud Director 8.20 Hands-on Lab Premiers at VMworld in Las Vegas

VMware continues to innovate and invest in vCloud Director, and with the February 2017 release of vCloud Director 8.20, new features and updates enable Service Providers to deploy even more enterprise-grade public cloud offerings than ever before.

In addition to instructor-led courses and a self-paced course, you can now test-drive vCloud Director 8.20 in VMware’s Hands-on Labs at VMworld. In fact, if you’ve ever participated in a Hands-on Lab for any VMware product, you’ve already experienced vCloud Director because the solution is utilized on the back-end to run all labs, deploying vApps and then assigning users to them.

While the Hands-on Lab for vCloud Director 8.10 from last year was updated to vCloud Director 8.20 in the Spring, the new lab has more to offer. The new Hands-on Lab for vCloud Director 8.20 demonstrates new features, including how vCloud Director interacts with NSX, vSAN, vROps, vRLI, and Usage Meter. The lab demonstrates how vCloud Director interacts with NSX with the new HTML5 User Interface, as well as performing distributed firewalling and edge management.  The lab also incorporates vRealize Operations Management and vRealize Log Insight to enable you to work with those solutions from a management operations perspective. In addition, the Hands-on Lab incorporates vSAN for storage to demonstrate storage tiering within vSAN through to vCloud Director. This enables Service Providers to use vSAN in conjunction with vCloud Director to provide storage tiering to customers. The new vCloud Director 8.20 Hands-on Lab premiers at VMworld August 27-31 2017 in Las Vegas.

The vCloud Director Hands-on lab is ideal for administrators, technical managers and directors who want to gain a better understanding of vCloud Director 8.20 features and functionality. It is also a good opportunity to learn how vCloud Director 8.20 may be a fit for projects underway in your environment.

Each vCloud Director 8.20 module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and can be taken all at once or one module at time at your convenience. You also have the flexibility to choose the order of the modules to meet your specific needs.

VMware Hands-on Labs provide the best way to test drive vCloud Director 8.20 and all VMware products. You can access fully tested and documented environments in minutes, and experience the full range of VMware products, Proof of Concepts, and learn about new features—with no installation required.
“VMware Hands-on Labs are as important to life as butter, puppies and oxygen…”
Rob Grau, VMware Hands-on Labs User

Visit the Hands-on Lab at VMworld to get your hands on vCloud Director 8.20, or go to to experience the lab on-demand after August 31.