Organizational Best Practices for Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

When embarking on your virtualization journey, keep these key organizational best practices in mind.

Where to Start with BCA Design? Base the sizing of your virtual environment on physical servers. It’s critical to understand your application requirements and have a good sense of the capacity and storage you’ll need.

  • VMware Capacity Planner – Helps you to gain insight into IT resource utilization and develop a virtualization roadmap for server containment and consolidation.
  • VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager – Allows you to quickly and accurately map your application dependencies so you can accelerate datacenter moves.
  • Microsoft has Exchange and SQL tools for performing the migration. When you begin the migration, use VMware’s vStorage APIs for Array Integration to save time while moving, starting or creating VMs by eliminating redundant data flow. With Storage APIs, vSphere can perform faster while consuming less CPU, memory, and storage bandwidth.

For reference architectures, please see:

  • vBlock
  • Flexpod

Learn more: Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Whitepaper [39-page PDF]