Think You Can’t Run Oracle on vSphere?; Listen to What Our Customers are Saying

I still hear about too many IT managers delaying the virtualization of their tier 1 Business critical databases because of the misperception  surrounding running Oracle on vSphere. My advice to these managers is stop listening to the noise  and start listing to VMware’s customers success stories because that’s all that really matters.

Check out the white paper I co-authored with NetApp’s Steve Schuettinger entitled; “Running Business Critical Application on Oracle RAC, VMware, and NetApp.” We discuss, in detail, Green Mountain Power’s  virtualization of their Oracle Enterprise Infrastructure.  Although we focus on the database tier in this paper, Green Mountain Power also virtualized the Oracle Utility Suite, Fusion Middleware, WebLogic, and the Oracle Business Intelligence.

Still not convinced? Check out a session at VMworld San Francisco entitled “A Customer Success Story: Running Business Critical Oracle Enterprise Applications and Oracle Real Application Clusters on vSphere.” on Thursday August 30th at 10:30am (Session ID is PAR3379).  Come hear from Green Mountain Power’s Mark Dincecco, Director of Information Technology; Paula Fortin, Senior Enterprise Systems Administrator; and Nayab Saiyed Enterprise Database Architect as they  discuss how they went from nearly 0% virtualized to about 70% virtualization in less than a year. Also hear how Green Mountain Power kept their virtual infrastructure 100% available during Hurricane Irene and suffered no data loss.

Lastly, many of our customers are just tired of the inaccurate information  and are looking for the facts & proof. . If you are among them,  I encourage you to read my blog; SAP-Sybase Makes Running Business Critical Databases on vSphere Hassle Free. SAP-Sybase has never asked its customers to reproduce on physical, performance matches that of native, and offer unquestioned support for databases running on vSphere.

Bob Goldsand,

VMware Alliances Partner Architect