The Mint Newsletter – issue 100

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox released!

Linux Mint 8 KDE64 released!

Linux Mint 8 KDE released!

Kernel vulnerabilities in Mint and Ubuntu – you find them as level 5 updates but as ever a updated kernael could break something

Monthly Stats – December 2009 and January 2010

December 2009 was the (10th consecutive) best month ever since the creation of Linux Mint. However January was not as good as the excellent December

Clem comments on a Mint review in Distrocheck

Linux Mint will have the codename Isadora

The mintCast, the Mint podcast, is  found here

* News about Linux

Security update available for Adobe Flash Player, also Linux – you might better install it

Multi-touch support in Linux/Xorg/GTK+KDE SC 4.4.0 Caikaku Release Announcement

Ubuntu will change the default search provider in Firefox to Yahoo! in Lucid (10.04)

Open source industry veteran Matt Asay joins Canonical as chief operating officer

Jono Bacon on developing apps for Ubuntu

Hardware accelerated 3D with DX11 to come for Linux with “Gallium” courtesy of VMware – great news for gamers and Linux as a whole if it succeeds

Fedora wants someone to write PulseAudio bindings for Python. This may be good news for all distros

Fedora 13 will have Zarafa – an Outlook replacement

Pidgin wants help to sort out bugs

Android and the kernel

A new and different Qt Creator new ways to create Qt apps

How To Learn Linux From the Developers of Linux. (For Free.)

Buying a Linux laptop 1 and 2

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

The Obama Administration has forced Sourceforge to deny service to its anti-terrorism sanction list. What Sourceforge has to say

Backdoor in e107 CMS version 0.7.17

* News about IT

Gates, Ozzie, and other Microsoft execs patent ‘personal data mining’

Maybe no wonder as the US patent office wont accept upside down faxes  🙂

Warner will not back out of Spotify as earlier reported

Gmail on the fuzz about buzz

Several Sun officials leave Oracle (swedish link lack of time prevents me from getting an English language link)

*Hardware news

IBM demonstrates 100GHz graphene transistor

Apple released Ipad, a kind of tablet PC

* Other news

Large Hadron Collider producing tons of awesome collisions

A new aluminum clock would neither gain nor lose one second in about 3.7 billion years

* Comic of the week

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