The Mint Newsletter – issue 89

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” XFCE RC1 released!

Firefox 3.5 available in Gloria and Firefox 3.0.12 also available through mintUpdate (security fixes)

Command line – improvements

We are changing our workflow and will use Launchpad and git –

As Mint grows we need tools to handle the growth (announcement in the blog)

Bugs on Launchpad

Blueprints on Launchpad – Blueprints for Helena

Translations in Launchpad (for Helena)

Code on github – mintUpload (and later perhaps more) is maintained by “emorrp1” – his github

I forgot to mention that we had large scale vandalism in the wiki – we have to lock it down until we can figure out a way to monitor edits

We also had two massive spam attacks in the forum – registered spam bots laying dormant since early May, late April. Can’t do much about it sadly

mintCast episode 19

* News about Linux

Microsoft contributes to the Linux kernel – possibly because of a violation of the GPL licence

Zero day attack code for the Linux kernel (No version used by Mint though – Mint is safe from this)

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Shuttleworth about GNOME 3.0 (and Ubuntu will stay brown)

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

Launchpad is now open source

* News about IT

Cloning passport card RFIDs in bulk for under $250 (link to Youtube) If you search for Chris Paget and Rfid you’ll fine a bunch of scary examples. And it’s not only passports – you can get a cloning device for less that will clone the rfid used for bus fares

PCs Used in Korean DDoS Attacks May Self Destruct

Microsoft admits new ActiveX zero-day bug

Imageshack Hacked

* Hardware news

* Other news

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