The Mint Newsletter – issue 83

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” RC1 released!

Gloria has already been rewieved by Softpedia and here

A call for more translations to Gloria

* News about Linux

Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring released

Sabayon Linux 4.1 KDE: Stable release

Linux fast-boot tech targets Windows users

A Gaming Team For Ubuntu Has Been Started

Vulnerability in Adobe Reader for all OSes including Linux (in javascript)

Linux Breaks 1% on the Client However such figures are very unreliable

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about Open Source

Open Invention Network seeks prior art to burn FAT patents

The Spanish free software association Hispalinux is protesting plans by the Spanish government to massively introduce Microsoft’s operating systems and applications on school computers.

* News about IT

Taking over the Torpig botnet – interesting information on how a botnet works

Hackers Break Into Virginia Health Professions Database, Demand Ransom

Nefarious Conficker worm racks up $9.1 billion bill – and is supposed to stop working on May 3

UK plan to monitor all internet use

Pirate Bay Verdict Gives Urgency to Italian Case

And interestingly DVD sales rise in Sweden after the verdict (link in Swedish – have not found one in English)

GeoCities has closed down

The first Yahoo email client

Swine Flu Outbreak Headlines Used For Spammer’s Gain

ID thieves advertising on YouTube

Microsoft looks to Facebook with Windows Live

Windows bugs never really die

Google Joins Mozilla, Blames IE for Chrome Bug

Cloud security stokes concerns at RSA

Researcher argues for CERTs with teeth

* Hardware news

nVidia’s GT300 specifications revealed – it’s a cGPU!

Qualcomm, Broadcom reach $891 million settlement

Acer Revo Ubuntu Nettop GBP 149, Windows Model GBP 249

* Other news

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