Weekly Newsletter – Issue 62

* News about Mint

Elyssa x64 RC1 released

If any of you have ideas for how we can make Mint more known please feel free to leave a comment.

* News about Linux

Gnome 2.24 released

Released final versions lately

Pardus Linux 2008.1 ; Vector Linux 5.9.1 ; sidux 2008-3

Gentoo is having problems and cancels the 2008.1 release. They state “we overstretched our human resources during the prolonged 2008.0 release process” To bad…

An alternative to MS Exchange on Linux

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

The Netherlands Patent Office changes to open source software. The entire Netherlands public sector is to change in the long term

The European Parliament adopts a legislative report about telecom. It’s supposed to stop some attempts to block filesharing – however I can’t find that in the report linked to. More about it

Mozilla Releases 9 Updates To Firefox, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird

Zend Teams With Adobe to Marry PHP and Flex

Greenpeace ‘Guide to Greener Electronics’

Users fail to spot fake pop-ups

‘Uncloneable’ biometric passports pass the test

Wikileaks posts a hack of Palin’s e-mail account on Yahoo

Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail all vulnerable to Palin-style password-reset hack

‘Password Recovery’ Services may be crackers that gets you in deep trouble

Researchers discover PDF exploit packs

In-depth manual and automated assessments found nearly 97 percent of sites carry a severe vulnerability.

The  notorious service provider Intercage is (was) a severe vulnerability in itself and got cut off from the internet

* Hardware news

First True 3D Processor Created, Runs at 1.4 GHz

New ‘On/Off Switch’ Protects RFID Cards From Hacks

Asus ships software cracker on recovery DVD

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* More about Linux Mint

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