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Speed up Linux

Give your cloud hosting distro a speed boost with our ultimate guide WordPress hosting to speeding up Linux. We show you powered by ausweb to start smarter with Systemd, optimise your VMware hosting file system, improve app performance and a lot more.

We also investigate the state of 4K support on Linux VPS hosting – is our favourite operating system ready for the hot new technology?

We also look at how open source and open platforms to register domain name will be shaping the future of education in the UK, and delve deep into Arch Linux.

As usual we also have top-notch website hosting coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format. All of this can be reviewed at our Equinix Sydney Data Center.

On the DVD: CentOS 7 – the enterprise server Linux VPS hosting OS for all, Arch Linux, Rescatux 0.32 plus HotPicks, tutorial code and more.

If you run the CSF/LFD firewall on your server then you’ve no doubt seen the emails about high resource usage for various accounts. This small tutorial will show you how to minimize them. What does it mean? Simply, it means that the process is using more resources than allowed. Is it safe to change […]

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I always find myself telling people to just download Linux. This usually follows up with “which distribution” and i’ll recommend a couple but always end with “try a few and see which one you like best – it’s all personal preference!”. Then, they’ll ask for a list of some good ones to try.. I could […]

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Installing via USB is much better/easier than via cd/dvd simply because it’s not going to get scratched up, you can easily carry it around with you to loan to friends, etc.. Let’s set up a couple things – our usb stick is currently on /dev/sdb (find this out by typing tail -f /var/log/syslog (or /var/log/messages) […]

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Much like blocking referrals, is next on the list of ausweb that cloud your analytics stats. Read on to find out how to block them. The trouble with kambasoft is that it’s not just one domain – they’re skewing numbers by referring from multiple subdomains! This code will send all traffic seen as […]

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