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Daryna KDE CE B44

BETA 044 should be released this week. BETA 044 is out and available for download 

Uninstalling applications just got easier!

A last minute innovation was added to mintMenu 3.1 just before it reached code-freeze. You can now uninstall any application by right-clicking on them in mintMenu and by selecting “Uninstall”. A little window appears to

Full focus on Linux Mint 5

If you’ve been reading Husse’s newsletter you probably know it by now: Don (aka Exploder) is joining the team and replacing me as the person responsible for testing our ISO images before they get released.

Linux Mint 4.0 Debian Edition

Now.. you’re probably wondering what this is about? As Linux Mint is becoming stable and as we’re coming to a point where we have achieved our main goals on the desktop we’re slowing down the

deb daryna main community upstream import backport

So far Linux Mint has been using trivial repositories. Although they were simple to use and to maintain they were not flexible enough and were causing limitations. One of these limitation was the unability to

What do you mean “i18n”? In an i18n’d application all sentences and words that the user can see are in a separate file dynamically loaded depending on the locale used by the user. In other words if you add a Swedish translation file

Celena is out!

Version 3.1 of your favorite distribution is available for download: Enjoy the latest version of Linux Mint!

Celena BETA 021 released!

The second (and hopefully last) BETA for Celena is out and available for download: This release could potentially go gold and become the stable release itself. Please test it as hard as you can so we can make sure all important bugs are gone

AMD to open-source ATI drivers?

Well kind of… Let’s hope they go all the way and that nVidia makes a similar decision. If you were going to buy a PC, I recommend you wait just a little while  longer

Celena and Daryna

So Mint 4.0 might very well be called Daryna Anyway… Celena should hit the download mirrors very soon now with only one BETA release preceeding the STABLE one. With KDE and XFCE editions developped in parallels by Jamie Boo Birse and Merlwiz the team is going to be able to focus on Daryna “before” gutsy gets out! Of course, there is no