VMworld 2017 Cloud Provider Partner Recap: IBM Announcements

VMworld 2017 was all about cloud and digital transformation. At VMworld US and Europe, IBM stood out among an impressive pack of partners with some extremely innovative solutions, new VMware integrations, and exciting partnership announcements. To summarize, we’ve compiled a comprehensive recap below highlighting IBM’s impressive showing at VMworld 2017.

AppDefense + QRadar
VMware debuted AppDefense, a breakthrough solution for securing applications running on virtualized or cloud environments, to much fanfare at VMworld.  AppDefense enables customers to improve the effectiveness of existing security controls and managed security cloud providers can build new data centers and cloud security offerings through the solution.

IBM, one of AppDefense’s initial solution providers, plans to integrate their QRadar security analytics platform with AppDefense to enable security teams to understand and respond to advanced threats that cut across both on-premises and cloud environments, such as IBM Cloud.  IBM Security and VMware will collaborate to build this AppDefense + QRadar integration, offering it as an app delivered via the IBM Security App Exchange.

Learn more about AppDefense and the QRadar integration, including pricing and availability information, here.


HCX and VMware Cloud Verified


VMworld saw a host of new innovations being unveiled to help VMware Cloud Provider partners migrate VMware workloads, expand service offerings to drive growth and revenue, create unique differentiation through VMware’s Cloud Provider program and lower costs through automation and efficiency. Here are a couple highlights:

  • VMware HCX Technologies: Enables multi-cloud and multi-site application migration and portability. Offered through VMware Cloud Providers and initially available from IBM (a key design partner), HCX allows partners to unlock VMware vSphere-based workloads from on-premises environments to accelerate the customers’ adoption of the cloud.


  • VMware Cloud Verified: Helps customers identify a provider that can deliver services with VMware Cloud Infrastructure technology through a branded VMware Cloud Verified trust mark for Cloud Verified partners, such as IBM. Providers carrying the Cloud Verified trust mark have made significant investments in VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, and are committed to offering key services and support on top of a common infrastructure.


Dell Partnership


One of the biggest partnerships announced on the floor of VMworld was Dell EMC teaming up with IBM to resell VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud to its large ecosystem of mid-market customers. This partnership is meant to accelerate cloud adoption and includes an expansion of VMware solutions into IBM Cloud, like VMware vCenter Server “as-a-Service”.

Dell EMC will offer its customers their choice of VMware environments to help central IT more quickly meet demands from their businesses. Expect Dell EMC’s reselling of VMware solutions on IBM Cloud at the beginning of Q4 2017.
IBM and VMware Partnership Speeds Cloud Adoption for Enterprises


IBM and VMware debuted new solutions to further their partnership, including a network control and visibility solution from F5 Networks and Fortinet that allows enterprises to continue extending their VMware environments to the public cloud. Learn more about how IBM and VMware’s partnership fuels global enterprise cloud adoption and their expanded portfolio of joint solutions here.


Vodafone Partnership


In other exciting news, IBM and Vodafone announced a partnership to offer an easier route to cloud for enterprises. This new, international service makes it simpler and quicker for a given enterprise to move their VMware workloads between on-premises environments and IBM Cloud. Specifically, Vodafone customers can more efficiently deploy and move VMware-based workloads with confidence and speed, while scaling globally and supporting their data residency needs.

With more than half a million enterprises running an estimated 50 million workloads, this solution stemming from Vodafone and IBM’s partnership is much needed to avoid incurring the cost and risk associated with re-tooling operations, re-architecting applications and re-designing security policies. Learn more about the partnership and its efforts here.

SAP HANA Certified Infrastructure


IBM’s expansion of their certified public infrastructure for SAP HANA also made quite a splash, as it offers new solutions and VMware configurations to support data-intensive business applications powered by SAP HANA. These new certified SAP solutions are meant to reassure customers that their production and test systems are running optimally in IBM Cloud and are backed by support teams.

Enterprises can now provision an SAP-certified bare metal server configured with VMware under these new solutions. This enables clients to more easily transition to the public cloud without having to refactor or retool their application workloads on SAP HANA in a private VMware environment. Learn more about this latest solution, available globally in IBM Cloud, here.

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