Weekly Newsletter – Issue 53

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

A security flaw in the DNS protocol has been fixed. This is for all operating systems and every appliance connected to the internet. Probably one of the most serious threats to the internet so far. Some background here – updates already in mintUpdate, please update your system. A warning has been posted in the forum

* News about Mint

I can’t guarantee it but it seems that a release of the Elyssa KDE edition is immanent – we are testing a beta with all problems hopefully solved. It is no easy task to make a good KDE edition. I also think the XFCE edition is near a public beta

Clem has been busy and  posted a bunch of interesting info

Sections of the Mint repository

Some news about development  We had to postpone the developement of QT frontends for the Mint applications in the KDE CE.  The implications of Ubuntu 8.04.1 for development are considered

The implications of branding has been discussed. We like freedom, but not the freedom to use the Mint name and logo in any way or fashion.

Elyssa is used by 60% of the Mint users

mintInstall 4 released in Romeo (Romeo is the “unstable” branch of Mint repositories)

How should the Mint tools be named? This has wide implications and mintUpdate 2.8 will be released soon as “Update Manager”

There’s a poll for the naming here

The forum is growing and so is the interest for it from spammers. Please help keep the forum neat and report all spam you see.

The repositories were down for about half of July 7 It’s unclear if this was a hacker attack but there seems to be attempts to take the site down

* News about Linux

Linux Magazine has an article covering what they call “Spawn of Ubuntu” (which includes Mint)

GNOME hires Stormy Peters as Executive Director She has a past as an executive in HP

Xandros acquires  Linspire – this obviously happened behind the scene and was not made public until some two weeks after it took place

openSUSE Build Service 1.0 Released  The openSUSE Build Service allows developers to create and maintain packages for openSUSE and many other Linux distributions, including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Red Hat, and Ubuntu.

ATI promises faster Linux drivers

A new version of Gentoo was released

Greg Kroah Hartman on the Linux Kernel  (Youtube video)

An interview with Mark Shuttleworth

* News about IT

Samba 3.2 released

Web threats hits 12 month high

Vmware changes CEO and puts in a Microsoft veteran as CEO

The Windows version of VLC has a security flaw

As I stated in an earlier newsletter the Swedish law permitting bugging of all electronic communication that passes the country boundaries is aimed at Russia

The US congress passes amendments to the “FISA” Act which is similar to the Swedish act (Haven’t found a good link for this)

* Hardware news

Threats to the GPS system has been reported recently

The world may run out of some rare elements needed to make computer chips in a few years time

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