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VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0

The Natural Choice at the Ideal Time

VMware Cloud Director Availability (rebranded from vCloud Availability) is now 4.0!

With huge numbers of people now working remotely, dependency on cloud apps and services is at an all-time high. Simultaneously, lock-downs around the world have underlined the value of running workloads in the cloud. How else can businesses keep running if IT teams are locked out of their own data centers?

In a world where cloud-first looks set to become mandatory, however, businesses will need the ability to protect and recover apps and data in the cloud, just like they’ve always done for on-prem workloads.

Whether you already offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) on VMware Cloud Director Availability, or not yet, the 4.0 latest release of VMware’s DRaaS solution gives you a hassle-free means to offer super-relevant business-critical DRaaS services. VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0 integrates seamlessly with the VMware Cloud Director platform. This enables you or your customers (via self-serve) to both to orchestrate and protect VMs and vApps within a native VMware environment.

Already offer DRaaS services on VMware Cloud Director Availability?

Version 4.0 is an easy upgrade that offers new capabilities to simplify your operations. These include (not limited to!) metering and performance analysis of storage consumption, and new public APIs and automation for on-prem-to-cloud DR.

Not yet offering VMware Cloud Director Availability DRaaS?

Add it to your portfolio so you can offer tiered DR services that match the criticality of customer workloads at the most competitive price point. VMware Cloud Director Availability is the ideal foundation for a business critical DRaaS offer with a >5min RTO. Deliver it on either a managed service and/or a self-serve basis. Many providers have been successfully growing their business with self service point and click DR, drive more platform consumption and provide real DR as a Service.

VMware Cloud Director Availability gives every Service Provider on VMware Cloud Director partner a timely opportunity to help and support customers in times of profound change. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to helping you prosper and grown on the VMware Cloud Director platform.

We are innovating with this release and ‘jump starting’ a DRaaS business with assets to help you go-to-market faster, enabling your sales and marketing departments with the content they need. Items such as a customer branded eBook (leave behind or distribute from campaign), cloud provider sales enablement customizable value positioning and DRaaS enablement whiteboarding. Also DRaaS product design considerations offering ideas on tiering and functions to offer, and finally partner email copy block – to send to customers depicting the service values and use cases. There is even a new Storage calculator to help you understand and project capacity requirements for taking on new DRaaS customers.

Take advantage of our great offer: VMware Cloud Provider partners who start new Disaster Recovery replications in the period of May, June and July 2020, do not need to report usage for the new replications only. You must still report the volume immediately prior to the start of the offer for reporting months of June, July and August, but this will be a flat number. This 3-month offer will expire at the end of July 2020 which means that Cloud Providers will have to then report all vCloud Availability Disaster Recovery replicants in their environment from August 2020 onwards, as normal.

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