WazzHUB, VMware Cloud Providers!? Welcome to the VMware Cloud Provider Hub 2.5 updates! Our team has been working hard over the last quarter to make your favorite XaaS offering platform even better! What’s better you ask? CloudHealth service is now in Initially availability on Hub, new features enhance the platform, and we have simplified how you can learn more!

In this blog, we will go over Hub updates in three main areas:

Enhanced Managed Service Delivery Platform

The Cloud Provider Hub 2.5 release includes key capabilities launched over the past few months that deliver new value with increased security, simplified access and identity control, and enhanced usage reporting.

1. Greater Security with Multi-Factor Authentication:

Cloud Provider Hub now delivers higher levels of protection for tenants’ data and applications with an extra layer of security. New multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires you to present two pieces of evidence (your credentials) upon signing in. These credentials are something you know, such as your password, and something you have, such as an application that generates a one-time passcode.

To secure your cloud account with MFA, you download an authentication application to your mobile device. The application creates a virtual MFA device and generates a six-digit authentication code that is compatible with the time-based, one-time password standard. You use this code together with your VMware ID and password to log in to cloud services.

For more information, please review the following resources:

2. Simplified Access and Login with Identify Federation:

New identity federation capabilities in Cloud Provider Hub 2.5 greater simplify access and login for tenants, saving them time and provider greater control over groups of users. Identify Federation enables tenants to use single sign-on (SSO) to access VMware Cloud Services, allowing tenants to bring their corporate identity and credentials to access any of their entitled services.

With this latest enhancement, you can set up a federated identity for the corporate domains of tenant organizations that you manage. Federated tenants can use their organization’s single sign-on and identity source to sign in to VMware Cloud Provider Hub. Federated tenants can also set group permissions to the organization and its services by assigning organization and service roles to enterprise groups. Federation in VMware Cloud Provider Hub is supported only for tenants.

To learn more about this capability. Review the detailed online documentation that goes over the details of:

3. Enhanced Usage Reporting with Consolidated Views:

New enhancements further lower operational costs with greater visibility and understanding of customer lifecycle management. VMware Cloud Provider Hub now offers MSPs a consolidated view of usage for all their customers, which helps them with customer lifecycle management.

The new usage reporting features introduced are:

  • Providers in provider console can view the latest MSRP price of each SKU in Usage Insight as well as in download-friendly detailed hourly usage report
  • A new Download All option for providers in provider organization, allowing them to download the detailed hourly usage report for all organization provider and tenants for the period selected
  • Downloadable usage hourly report is now filterable on the provided tags for the tenant organization and the usage details for provider and tenant organizations can be downloaded using Download All button

To learn more about these and other usage capability refer to our recent blogs:

Improved Learning and Adoption Experience:

Are you looking for more information on available services and one place to keep track of the latest information – from business benefits to technical demos? If so, then have you seen our updated VMware Cloud Provider Hub educational site? Check it out today!

The recently revamped site boasts the following new updates.

  1. Simplify Learning with Updated Service Tab: The services tabs has been updated to offer detailed resources for the latest services that are available on Hub.

  1. Become a Proficient User with Updated Cloud Provider Hub Resources: This section provides on-demand demo videos for the following actions, helping you become familiar with deploying and using these services in Hub:
  • Creation of Master Org
  • Creation of Tenant Org
  • User Roles & Permissions

Brand New XaaS Offering with CloudHealth

We are excited for initial availability of CloudHealth on Cloud Provider Hub! Stay updated with all the latest and greatest at the following sites:

What is CloudHealth?

Checkout the CloudHealth website for more information: https://www.cloudhealthtech.com/

Are there any materials that I can review?

If you missed our recent vmLive announcing the initial availability of CloudHealth on Cloud Provider Hub, checkout playback recording here:  https://sforce.co/316t6CK

Watch out for our upcoming vmLive to learn more about this service.


Upcoming vmLive announcing – CloudHealth on Cloud Provider Hub. We’ll go over the use cases, resources and other exciting updates. Sign up today!

vmLive Details – CloudHealth Service on Hub

Description: CloudHealth as an MSP offering on Cloud Provider Hub

Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Time: 8:00am Pacific Time

Partner Registration link: https://sforce.co/2Z3XBal

Stay Tuned in for MORE!

As you can see, your favorite XaaS platform, VMware Cloud Provider Hub, is off to a great start in the first half of this year and we have an exciting few weeks ahead of us with CloudHealth coming onboard! For latest updates and more, stay connected though our blogs, announcements and website, VMware Cloud Provider Hub!