VMware vCloud Usage Insight is now Available!

VMware vCloud Usage Insight, a SaaS tool that works with the latest version of vCloud Usage Meter, is now available!

Announced at VMworld in August 2018, vCloud Usage Insight provides automated usage reporting, simple onboarding, secure data transfer and aggregation of usage across all contracts and sites. vCloud Usage Insight is available free of charge.

vCloud Usage Meter helps Cloud Providers access VMware resources on a consumption-based monthly subscription. With the latest version of vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1, Cloud Providers are entitled to vCloud Usage Insight.

As a reminder, the key benefits of vCloud Usage Insight are:

⇒ Saves Time: With automatic upload to Business Portal and eliminate manual tasks

⇒ Provide Aggregation: Automatically aggregates usage across all sites

⇒ Increases Accuracy: With automatic aggregation & upload, take advantage of increased accuracy, eliminating human errors

⇒ Retain Full control: All usage information can be reviewed, edited and updated in Business Portal before hitting submit

Here are quick videos and links to get started with vCloud Usage Insight:

1. Introduction to vCloud Usage Insight:

2. Getting Started with vCloud Usage Insight:

3. Add and manage registrations for vCloud Usage Insight:

4. Sign up for vCloud Usage Insight from the microsite today!

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