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Cassandra KDE Community Edition is out!

Here is the edition everybody has been waiting for. Jamie Boo has been working really hard on this and both ISO (KDE and miniKDE) are finally ready for KDE fans to enjoy http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4533

Gimp splash for Celena

Gadi designed this splash screen: It looks pretty good and it could become the default Gimp splash in the upcoming Celena.

Cassandra XFCE Community Edition is out!

This edition seems to run faster than Gnome. Some of the mint tools it contains were customized by Merlwiz to integrate better with the XFCE desktop. The result is quite amazing and after testing it

Upgrading is never safe!

A lot of people regularly take packages upgrades and in most cases they have no idea why. They think their system will be more up to date and more secure… they’re right, but they what

TV Listings in Gnome…

There’s a great way to get your TV listings in Gnome. It’s called onTV and you can install it by typing this in a terminal: sudo apt-get install ontv Once installed, right click on your

Wireless Interface Connection Daemon (WICD)

Wicd (pronounced “Wicked”) is an alternative to the network-manager applet. Although its integration with Gnome is not as nice it seems to work better with WIFI encrypted networks. If you’re having problems with network-manager and

Blogging from Gnome…

You can blog from Gnome without going to your blog with a little GTK application called gnome-blog. It’s really easy, it works with most blogs and I’m actually using it right now to post into

Welcome to the Linux Mint Blog

Is it going to be the Linux Mint Blog? Clement Lefebvre’s Blog? The Linux Mint Dev Team Blog? or even The Linux Mint Community Blog? It all depends on who’s joining in and how many