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2 days downtime!

If you tried to connect to this week end you probably noticed that the website, forums, wiki, repositories, and everything else was down! Last year we went away from and decided to use another host. Our domain name was still pointing at Servage’s DNS servers and they still acted as our registrar. On Friday  we decided to transfer the domain over… Servage was fast to release it but even faster to remove the within their own DNS server. For some reasons the transfer didn’t go well. They couldn’t care less and wouldn’t

XFCE Edition.. not XFCEish enough? :)

After a lot of great feedback on the forums the XFCE Community Edition got its first review… and the verdict was quite surprising. “Linux Mint is a good distribution but I was really disappointed by

Stable release on Monday?

Three bugs in Cassandra KDE were fixed. The stable version should be released early next week.

Little delay on Cassandra KDE

A little incompatibility bug between mintInstall and KDE is responsible for the awaited release to be postponed to next week.

Cassandra XFCE on CD

You can now buy the XFCE Community Edition CD for $10 from

Mark Shuttleworth, spot on!

A very interesting article about Mark Shuttleworth and his stance on Microsoft’s patent deals.,1895,2167193,00.asp

Dell launches Linux PCs in Europe

The Inspiron 6400n and the Inspiron 530n are now in the UK, Germany and France. Source:

Gimp splash for Celena

Gadi designed this splash screen: It looks pretty good and it could become the default Gimp splash in the upcoming Celena.

Cassandra XFCE Community Edition is out!

This edition seems to run faster than Gnome. Some of the mint tools it contains were customized by Merlwiz to integrate better with the XFCE desktop. The result is quite amazing and after testing it

Cassandra Review

Not sure why the reviewer couldn’t find mintInstall. One of his screenshots actually shows the program in action. Nice review overall: