Monthly News – October 2022

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Blueman was upgraded to version 2.3.4.

Among other fixes this solved a race condition in Cinnamon which led to two Bluetooth icons showing up in the panel.

Less password prompts

The code which lets you remove applications from the main menu  was reviewed and password prompts were removed in situations where administrative permissions weren’t required.

Removing a Flatpak will no longer require a password to be entered. Same goes for simple shortcuts and local applications (i.e. applications which aren’t installed system-wide).

Synaptic and the Update Manager will now also ask pkexec to remember your password so you won’t have to enter it every single time if you perform multiple operations.

Update Manager: Flatpak support

Flatpak support was added to the Update Manager.

This allows Flatpak applications and runtimes to be updated like any other supported types of software.

Cinnamon: Corner bar

In the left section of the panel the show-desktop was replaced by a separator.

A new corner bar applet was added to the right edge. This is a feature which was implemented in Windows. Although the corner bar is less noticeable/discoverable than the show-desktop applet it’s easier to use once you know it’s there. It occupies the corner of the screen so you can get there fast without aiming and with a quick movement of the mouse.

The corner bar supports an action on left click and an action on middle-click. These can be configured to show the desktop, show the desklets, show the workspace selector or the window selector.

The corner bar also supports peek-to-desktop on hover and it shows the desktop if you drag files over it, so it’s easy to drop files on the desktop no matter how many windows are open.

Visual changes

In Nemo’s icon view, selected files used to highlight not only their name but also their icon. This was inconsistent with Nemo’s list view and it didn’t look very nice.

Going forward Nemo will only highlight the file names. The icons won’t be darkened any more. This gives the file manager a much cleaner look.

Icons which represent the desktop were flipped vertically.

The bar they feature to represent the panel is now at the bottom, just like the default panel position in Linux Mint.

A shortcut to access the Display settings was added to the desktop’s context menu.


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$54, Dmitri P.
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$50 (65th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
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