How to Make Your Brand Win an Audience on Social Media?

Update your Profile and Company Pages Regularly

Profile photos and banner sections are some great areas to project your brand. Customers visiting your social media pages form an opinion about you by viewing these visual elements.

Update these sections regularly. For example, you can change your profile photo once a month.

Ensure that a great caption accompanies the photo as this combination increases the chances of making an instant impact. Banners are a great way to showcase your company’s featured works.

Conduct Interesting Contests

Contests are one of the best ways to engage new as well as existing audiences. There are many forms of contests. Caption contests, best comment contests, trivia Q & A, and photo contests are some popular examples. Choose the one that best fits your brand and target audience.

You can increase the reach and engagement of your contest through:

  • Wide Promotion

    Use your email list, websites, social media pages, and other online avenues to promote your content. This approach encourages wider participation.

  • Brand-Related Contest Prizes

    The purpose of contests is to increase audience engagement while also building your brand awareness. Giving away prizes that do not involve your brand does not fulfill this purpose.

Use attire, gift cards, tea/ coffee mugs, or photo frames, carrying your brand name or logo. If you are using other brands, then include your brand by way of packaging or by customization. For example, if you are giving away movie tickets, then you could include them on stationery customized to your brand.

  • Thank You Notes for all Contest Participants

    Send a thank you post to all participants, including non-winners. Thank them for their participation and send them your brand-related work such as a featured image, graphic, or a small online brochure about your company.

Respond to Customer Grievances Instantly

Customers are increasingly opting to air their grievances on social media. They find the platform instant in reach than traditional avenues. With social media, customers do not have to search for our customer service phone numbers or wait for your technician to respond.

A prudent approach to addressing customer complaints would be to attend to them instantly. Delaying your response or totally ignoring the grievance post can cause irreversible damage to your brand reputation.

Consider Investing in Paid Advertising Strategies

Organic social media exposure is good. But if you are looking to create faster brand exposure, then paid social media can benefit you. Paid advertising need not be expensive. You can invest moderately in social advertising and achieve efficient content promotion, brand awareness, and improved conversions.

When considering paid strategies, choose social media platforms that matter to your business and customers.

Avoid Paying for Followers

Getting people to follow your brand by paying them may seem a faster way to gain followers. But this approach causes more issues in the long run, the worst of them being damage to brand trust. When you lose your brand credibility, you may never regain it.

Buying followers is not financially prudent too. When you pay for your followers, you are paying for robots that are programmed to comment on your social page regularly. This is not real engagement.

Your real audiences are bound to take note of the irrelevant comments and the lack of a human touch to the responses. When they understand that you are paying for followers, you lose their respect and trust. These aspects are crucial to building strong customer relationships and brand trust.

Invest time and effort in engaging with a targeted audience instead.

In Conclusion

Winning a relevant audience on social media is a crucial branding aspect. Effective audience engagement on social media increases brand awareness and builds strong brand trust. The above strategies when ably planned and executed can deliver stellar results.

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