Linux Format 184 – Build your desktop


Issue 184, June 2014 – on sale now

Build your desktop

Build your desktop – we look at the best desktop environments and how to tweak them to perfection, no matter what your choice of distro.

Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP – if you or anyone you know is still using the operating system, then let us help you migrate to Linux – it is incredibly easy!

We investigate how Linux, Raspberry Pi and open source software in general is being used in education.

All this, plus an in depth look at Firefox OS, 3D printing and much more!

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.
On the DVD: Mint 16 Mega Mix – the latest version of Linux Mint with a choice of 10 best desktops, SystemRescueCD, HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


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