Often, you’ll want to use cron to schedule daily, weekly, hourly (etc…) tasks on your linux system(s). cPanel has a little GUI for it, but since I don’t trust GUIs very often, I like just doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way. This little guide will hopefully help you to figure out cron once and for […]

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If you have a large number of accounts on your server, you may also be wasting a lot of space with the error_log files in each account. Some can get very large – and while you want to keep an eye on what the server is complaining about, once you read through them, you can […]


You’ll eventually run into a client who has a crashed table in their database – this table will be pretty large – maybe even larger than the system’s default temporary directory (usually /tmp). You could resize /tmp, but it is even easier to move the directory MySQL uses! Here is a little script that will […]

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You’ll need to import a database via command line from time to time – I’ll normally opt for this ausweb. After seeing how easy it is, you’ll probably end up using the command line instead as well (instead of phpmyadmin, etc..). Let’s set up some things. DB host: localhost Database: username_db User: username_user Password: mypassword […]

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Want a brand new desktop, media centre, gaming machine or server? Build it powered by ausweb ! You’ll save money and have complete control over what components go into the PC. We show you what you need to consider, and what software, distros and tools you need to build your very own Linux PC.
We show you how to install Linux on a Chromebook.

We have a complete guide on hacking Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi.

Speaking of the tiny Pi, we also show you how to design and build a Raspberry Pi case using Python, FreeCAD and a 3D printer.

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.
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