Monthly News – August 2022

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for your help, your donations, your feedback and everything you do to contribute to our project.

Fun Stuff

Wil Wheaton runs Linux Mint. It’s official! I really like him so it made my day to know about it. I just thought I’d mention it 🙂

To all the really cool people out there who haven’t come out yet. If you like what we do, don’t be a stranger, let us know!

Another piece of cool news this month is the Steam Deck. It’s starting to become available. I managed to get one. I’m hoping we’ll manage to get a few more for the team. It’s brilliant as a portable gaming device but it’s also fantastic for the future of gaming in Linux. A lot of people will get a Steam Deck. Many studios will want their games to be “Deck Verified” and thus this is going to significantly boost the compatibility of games with Linux, or at least with Proton.

Other than Linux and Proton, the Deck relies on an immutable version of Arch, Flatpak and KDE so its ecosystem is a little bit different than the one we have in Linux Mint. The development of SteamOS and Linux Mint isn’t likely to have much in common or to converge in any way. That said there will likely be some use cases we’ll be able to help with. Warpinator for instance, which we made available as a Flatpak, proved to be useful to share files between computers, smartphones and the Steam Deck.

Development Cycle

The latest development cycle was intense but we’re now in a comfortable situation. The two major releases LMDE 5 and Linux Mint 21 are out, they both benefit from the new upgrade tool and the mutter rebase in Cinnamon 5.4 was a success.

We’re still fixing small regressions in Cinnamon. We’ll also continue to improve the upgrade tool (in particular the way it handles orphan packages) and we’ll release a Linux Mint 21 EDGE ISO image when an HWE kernel series becomes available.

Continuous Integration

Whenever we make a change in the source code (via a commit) for one of our applications, or whenever someone contributes a change (via a Pull Request), the changed software is automatically recompiled to ensure it stills builds and installs fine in the latest versions of Linux Mint and LMDE. This is what we call Continuous Integration. To do this we rely on docker and CircleCI.

A regression between docker and glibc in Ubuntu 22.04 affected our ability to build for Linux Mint 21. We worked around this regression for our own build environments but it still affects environments we don’t control, such as CircleCI.

We’re currently tackling this issue. We successfully tested Github Actions, which gives us greater control over docker than CircleCI and we’re likely to migrate our Continuous Integration to it in the coming days.

Automation in Software Portal

The Software Center lists all the packages and flatpak applications which are currently available. It lets you install them but up until now it didn’t necessarily let you review them.

This is because the reviews themselves are stored online as part of the Community website and the list of software applications known to that website used to be updated manually.

This was all automated this week. The website now queries Flathub and the APT repositories on a daily basis to stay up to date and feature all the latest software.

Debbie reaches EOL

It’s the end of the adventure for LMDE 4 “Debbie”. This release has now reached End of Life and will no longer receive updates.

If you are running LMDE 4 upgrade to LMDE 5 by following the instructions at


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$50 (63th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
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