Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Trend #3: Our Voice (Search) is the Future!

In the last few years, Google has improved the ‘word recognition accuracy rate to almost 90%. This enables consumers to interact with devices and paves the way for voice technology.

Voice technology allows customers to find an answer to their query in seconds, allowing them to save time which they would have otherwise wasted scrolling through numerous pages.

Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curb and remain visible to their customers can use this form of technology. By incorporating voice technology in their digital marketing strategy, businesses can further enhance the user experience, which will, in turn, drive higher traffic to their site.

Statistics published by Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, states that 32% of users prefer voice technology. It involves less typing and saves a ton of their valuable time. Truth be told, voice search is becoming more and more popular because of its innovative formula of searching for products.

Trend# 4: In-Email Purchases can Replace the Conventional Email Marketing Campaigns

Yes, everybody is aware of email marketing. It has been around us for ages now. But there is something new about it this time. According to the Vice President of Marketing at MailChimp, an American marketing automation platform, in-email purchases allow subscribers to purchase the products without leaving their inboxes. This means that subscribers can instantly buy the product from inside the email.

What’s more? Email campaigns can now offer app-like experiences to the subscribers, which means that emails can be embedded with inter-activities. Many E-commerce businesses find emails to be the apt medium to learn more about their customers’ choices. In-emails can help such business owners to reach a global audience and retain them for a longer period.

Think of the user whose demands are satisfied by email alone! No more extra costs for approaching mainstream marketing channels.

Trend #5: Virtual Marketing is the Present!

According to Smart Insights, an educational platform for marketers, VR technology can create unison between the digital and physical worlds.

By using virtual reality, brands can create a distinguished identity for themselves. Creating something fun for customers can never go out of fashion. Embracing this opportunity to create a new advertising experience can attract a lot of attention.

With the help of virtual reality technologies, brands can create engaging and informative content. Furthermore, if used judiciously, VRs can act as an important post-sale tool to educate customers, building strong consumer relations.

Additionally, VRs enable companies to tell their brand stories to their customers in a more interactive way. Buyers can get a hands-on experience of the products without needing them to visit the stores.

Mergers & acquisitions firm called Digi-Capital has claimed that the VR market has the potential to grow to $30 billion in a few years. This will enable brands to use a more creative way of reaching their clients in a short period.

Trend# 6: The New Challenge: Consent and Privacy of Users

Online tools are amazing, but as more consumers move online, protecting their data and privacy becomes crucial for the marketing industry. It goes without saying that the digital ecosystem will only thrive under mutual acts of trust.

Do businesses need to know everything about their customer? No, they do not because actionable and accurate data alone can help businesses to improve the quality of their services. Focusing on the relevant information can help in enhancing the consumer experience.

In return for customer trust, businesses need to be transparent about how their data is shared. In this cut-throat competition where acquiring customers and retaining them for a longer period have become concerning, businesses need to shift their focus towards the ‘consumer-first approach.

According to research conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), 74% of Chief Marketing officers are expecting Data Ethics to play an important role in their jobs, over the next five years. By practicing Data Ethics, businesses can improve the overall effectiveness of digital marketing and lay the foundation for a stronger relationship.

Trend #7: Thumbs up for the brands that focus on promoting goodwill

Being relevant in today’s world is one of the most important tasks of a brand. Brands need to reevaluate their positions in the life of their customers. According to a report from Deloitte, brands need to be aware of their purposes and their targeted customers. Brands need to be in tune with the current events and incidents. Customers do not want to see irrelevant content that is incapable of changing the mindset of society.

Running Campaigns that are meaningful can help brands to fit into the conversation. In 2021, customers prefer brands that are willing to work for the greater good of the environment. If a brand can run campaigns for stray dogs or the homeless, it has a better chance at establishing a good relationship with its audience.

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