Why Data Visualizations Are Great for Your Sites and Apps

Why use data visualizations for your sites and apps?

Data visualization brings a difference to content presentation, leading to improved content consumption. So, what aspects of data visualization make this form of presentation more desirable than others?

Given here are key reasons why data visualization can be key to the success of your websites or apps:

Improves data understandability manifold

Web and smartphone users tend to scan information than read them through. If you present them with data details in the traditional text way, they are more likely to leave your webpage or app.

Information that is harder to understand will hardly keep readers engaged. Your audience is looking for relevant information. When you deliver such information in an easily understandable form, you are delivering a good brand experience.

Data visualization helps present any data, from simple to complex, in a simpler format. Audiences do not have to take the mental effort to gather and connect different data points and derive the insights they need. Data visualization delivers the insights they need, directly. (A data point refers to a unit of information).

For example, a real estate property app can benefit from data visualizations that enable subscribers to understand the latest property trends. They can make sound decisions about investing in appropriate real estate depending on the insights derived.

Fulfills customer content consumption demands

Representation of data in text and limited visuals such as graphs, tables, and pie charts, were enough for internet users in the earlier days. The world today is more drawn to visual elements such as rich images, graphics, clear audio, and streaming videos.

The world is becoming more and more visual in its taste. Visuals such as memes and photos are the way people are communicating with each other.

Given this content phase, your customers expect you to present data in visual formats. Data visualization helps you address this customer need.

With data visualization, you can use a range of tools such as infographics, heat maps, bubble clouds, maps, bar graphs, and more, to improve your customers’ website or app experience.

Supports the functionality of mobile apps

Mobile apps are becoming a lifestyle and business must. There are apps that make every task integral to your customers’ lives easier and more efficient. From banking apps to apps that manage remote services and even entire business systems, apps are becoming indispensable tools for performance-boosting, monitoring, and decision-making.

The use of data visualization in such cases is more of a need than an afterthought for mobile apps to deliver the required functionality effectively.

Enhances your SEO efforts

Analyzing and understanding search engine results is often a complex process. Sometimes, you may miss some invaluable insights due to the inadequate presentation of data. A misalignment in SEO data analysis can lead to erroneous interpretation, which can be costly for your website or app promotion.

SEO visualizations can help you present your data in a more analysis-friendly format. Representing all relevant data in visual formats helps you understand the pattern governing your SEO results. For example, you may discover that a new backlink is performing extremely well. You may have missed this information with your traditional analysis methods.

You can also use SEO visualizations to understand which keywords are performing better. You may identify that a specific keyword is helping you achieve your intended SEO objective better (e.g., lead conversion, sales, etc.).

Another area where SEO visualizations can empower you with actionable insights is that of competitor analysis. You may have enormous data telling you about your competitors’ websites. But such information is of no use unless you find an opportunity that helps your website or app stay ahead.

SEO visualizations enable you to achieve more clarity on the data, understand patterns, identify flaws, and discover hidden opportunities where you can make a difference.

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