8 Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging in 2021

Provide Live Chat Options

Customer support should be a significant part of your website engagement strategy. Visitors coming to your website must be able to reach an expert service team that can guide them on the next possible action.

Research shows that 79% of customers move to a competitor within a span of a week if businesses fail to provide satisfactory customer service.

Provide live chat on your website for better engagement. This communication approach uses artificial intelligence to address your visitors’ inquiries and grievances. It is available 24/7. You can monitor live chat to identify recurring issues and address them effectively.

Show your customers you care about them by giving instant assistance through options like live chat.

Leverage Popup Opt-Ins

A popup opt-in pops up after a visitor spends some time on your website or scrolls to a pre-defined spot on the webpage. With a well-placed popup, you can persuade visitors to share their information or subscribe to your email list.

You can also make use of Exit Intent Popups, which help you obtain information from visitors that want to leave your website. This popup gets activated as soon as a visitor is ready to exit the website.

Popup opt-ins are one of the best ways to capture the interest of, and engage, visitors that are new to your website. These options can make your visitors curious about your brand and get them to interact with you.

Include Social Proof for Credibility

People visiting your website want to be assured about the trustworthiness of your brand. A positive way to trust-building is showing proof that you are credible. When visitors see that other people trust you, they are more likely to trust you too.

A great way to facilitate social proof gathering is to include social share buttons. Use these buttons for product pages, blog posts, images, articles, and other website content. By doing so, you make it easy for visitors to share your content, which adds to your social credibility.

Other ways to include social proof include:

  • Brand logo
  • A well-developed About Us page (Use storytelling to introduce your company and team for greater impact)
  • Customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials
  • Endorsement by well-known personalities
  • Press feeds with your brand mentions
  • Content generated by users
  • Live feeds mentioning your company, brand, employees, events, etc.,

Incorporate Video Content

Videos are great to engage visitors because they are more interesting than plain text. Engagement through videos is faster than that with text and still images. Videos also make content such as complex product descriptions easy to understand and guide visitors toward better decision-making.

Including videos on your homepage is a great way to capture visitor interest the instant they land on your website. For better impact, use videos that relate to your target audience. By getting visitors hooked instantly, you raise the chances of having them engaged for a longer duration on your website.

In Conclusion

You can improve your website engagement by making your website more about your customers. Leverage aspects of your brand as well as available technology to give the best website experience to your visitors.

Posted by Linux Admin