User Guide – Mint 5

The User Guide for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa is now available on the Firefox start page and for direct download at

I’ve been very busy with the release of Linux Mint 5 and fixing some of the bugs found in Hardy/Elyssa prooved to be quite challenging so the scope was reduced for this guide and some of the additions I planned for it were cancelled. The guide is therefore an adaptation of the Linux Mint 4 User Guide and covers a few new features that were developped for this release.

To translate this guide into another language, download the ODT source from here:

To adapt a translation of the Linux Mint 4 User Guide please download this document to be aware of what parts of the content were changed:

Happy reading everyone! 🙂

As we “revise” the stable release in a few month to incorporate new updates and improvements we’ll also revise this guide an incrementally add new content to it. Among the topics which weren’t addressed are PulseAudio, the Firefox search plugin and mintWifi.

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