Weekly Newsletter – Issue 48

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint

* Beta testing goes on – lots of interesting points but no showstopper found yet

* Latest wallpaper of the week

* Behind the scenes work is going on with the KDE, XFCE and Fluxbox editions of Elyssa (will take time to get them ready for release though)

* News about Linux

Open Suse 11 RC1 released

* News about IT

There will be a RC2 of Firefox 3

Security flaw in Samba – this has already been announced in the forum

Microsoft opens up a Web services protocol it developed for Vista.

Microsoft’s CAPTCHA successfully broken

* Hardware news

Wifi could be much faster

A desktop supercomputer for 4,000 Euro – the power of the GPU

* Trivia and other links

Some tips

* Editors comment

I have had problems finding good links for a few things I wanted to include in this newsletter, so its not there.

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment here

And the last days have been warm, not to say hot, so I may be more confused than normally / husse

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