Elyssa build #017

We’re at build #017 already and it’s been a very long week end. I’m exhausted ๐Ÿ™‚ But the progress so far has been very good and the ISO is looking great. Firefox 3 and pulseaudio were included. Amarok was replaced by Rhythmbox. Brasero was added and Transmission version 1.11 is to be included.

An upstream bug in Rhythmbox was fixed for Jamendo to be supported and the functionality of pulseaudio was extended by adding support for Flash and the Pulse Audio Device Chooser. The multimedia system selector was also made visible.

PPPOE was added.

The software portal is 1/4 full and now counts 228 applications for Elyssa (thanks to Kronophage for this).

Support for MP3 encoding was added (previous versions of Mint only came with MP3 decoding).

Gnome was tweaked: Images can now be applied as wallpapers from the context menu and folders can be opened as root. When opening a folder as root, XFE is used instead of nautilus. A warning is given, the title of the window mentions “Root” and XFE looks different enough for users not to forget that they have a root window open ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re now on a 2.6.24-16-generic kernel with CFS (completely fair scheduler) and with Gnome 2.22. The ISO is about 694MB large and fits on a CD.

As always there’s no ETA or release date planned. It will be released when ready, but as Hardy is out and I can see a lot of people are anxious to know when Elyssa will be out.. looking at what’s done and what’s left on our roadmap it’s reasonable to think we’ll be in a position to release a public BETA in about two weeks. Of course things happen and as any other edition the Main Edition will have to be tested by Exploder so don’t take my word for it, this is only an estimation.

Note on compatibility: A compatibility mode was added as a new boot entry, featuring nosplash, noapic, noacpi and irqpoll. Also, the light edition will come with grub instead of gfxgrub and without pulseaudio. We’ll make it very easy for Light Edition users to add codecs through a single mint file so the Light Edition will also act as an easy workaround for people whose computers have compatibility issues with gfxgrub.

Note on the start page and search plugin: I reviewed the TOS and looked at this in details. I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do to improve the layout of the search results. The google images plugin was given a distinct icon to differentiate it from the search one. Start pages were assigned on a per-release, eventually per-edition basis so we can provide users with more relevant information (user guide, links to release notes and bug report places, security warnings..etc). We’re starting to use google analytics also so I’ll be able to give more accurate stats about the Linux Mint user base for each release/edition. Info on why we’re modifying the search plugin and how to revert to the default one will be covered in the user guide, which will be accessible from the default start page.

That’s about it.. there are also visual improvements in the terminal and a great isolinux theme but I’ll keep that as a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot more is to come but I don’t see anything that could wrong at this stage. I’ll post more news as I go along.

Posted by Linux Admin