Next-gen mintInstall in Mint 6

In Linux Mint 5 Elyssa mintInstall will gain support for APT and the GetDeb portal. MintMenu will also support quick uninstallation of applications directly from the Gnome menu. As Linux Mint 5 will be based on an LTS Ubuntu release focus is on consolidating what’s already working and we’re being quite conservative in terms of new innovations. However, plans are starting to emerge for Linux Mint 6, which should come in about 7 or 8 months. In particular, mintInstall should gain the following features:

– CNR support
– simplification of the .mint protocol (in particular, when a .mint only refers to one .deb)
– Graphical interface for browsing the catalogue directly from the desktop, and for voting, commenting and basically doing what’s already possible online at
– Support for uninstalling applications
– Support for “requesting” new applications

We’ll talk about this again and you’ll probably hear more and more about this after Linux Mint 5 was released. As for Linux Mint 5 itself, mintInstall is almost ready for it and at this stage all it’s missing is an eventual QT frontend to replace the GTK one under KDE.

Ideas and comments are welcome 🙂

Posted by Linux Admin