Uninstalling applications just got easier!

A last minute innovation was added to mintMenu 3.1 just before it reached code-freeze.

You can now uninstall any application by right-clicking on them in mintMenu and by selecting “Uninstall”.

A little window appears to show you the corresponding package name and its dependencies. You can confirm or cancel, and that’s about it really…. the packages get removed.

For menu entries without a corresponding package, the window asks you if you want to get rid of the menu entry or not.

Steve Jobs was showing his new Apple Air at CES 2008. If we had the money let me tell you.. I’d be there in all these conventions making a lot of noise about this 🙂

Don’t you love it when things get easier? Many thanks for the people who posted about this and similar ideas in the suggestions section of the forums.


Posted by Linux Admin