Languages in Celena BETA 020

About 50% of Linux Mint users use a language other than English.

So what happens to them when they run Celena BETA 020?

Well, as you probably know isolinux is only in English so their liveCD boots in English. Once they arrive on the desktop they click on “Install” and the installer appears.

The first screen of the installer asks them about their language.

If the user chooses “Spanish” (for instance) the installer immediately switches to Spanish. Later in the installation, the installer will also download necessary packages to support Spanish so when the user finishes the installation and reboots, his system starts in Spanish (this didn’t work in Cassandra and Celena BETA 018).

Thanks to this we can now only ship the CD in English (and save a lot of space on the CD for other applications) and the same time have a system which can run in virtually any language.

The only problem in fact is for people using the liveCD as a demo or as a tool rather than an installation medium.

Posted by Linux Admin