The apt command in Celena

A new command line tool is coming in Celena BETA 018 called “apt”. It’s a very simple addition which merges commands from apt-get, aptitude and apt-cache. It also doesn’t require the user to type “sudo” in front of the command.

This tool will make life easier for command line afficionados who used to type a lot of APT commands.

For instance instead of typing:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo aptitude reinstall gnome-utils

sudo aptitude show gnome-utils

You’ll be able to type:

apt update

apt upgrade

apt reinstall gnome-utils

apt show gnome-utils

Supported commands include:

  •  update
  • upgrade
  • dist-upgrade
  • dselect-upgrade
  • build-dep
  • check
  • install
  • remove
  • source
  • clean
  • autoremove
  • autoclean
  • search
  • show
  • changelog
  • reinstall
  • stats
  • depends
  • rdepends

As you can see there’s nothing new but it’s all about comfort. Of course if you prefer to use apt-get, aptitude and apt-cache they still will be there for you.

Posted by Linux Admin